Nissan accident report form and guide

Nissan Report Form and Guide
There are critical steps you should always take if you are in an accident, regardless of severity. However, in the moment, it can be difficult to remember everything you should be doing. To help, we put together this Accident Report Form and Guide you can print and store in your glove box so it’s always there to assist you if you need it.

Going forward: what to do after an accident

1Contact your insurance company

Notify your insurer and the insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the damage to your vehicle.

2Find a nissan certified collision repair centre

You can use our Certified Collision Repair Centre locator to get started, or find and contact your local dealer for a referral.

find a certified collisionrepair centre

3Understanding your rights and the right parts

If you do not choose a Nissan Certified Collision Repair Centre, it’s important to ask in advance whether the collision repair facility you do choose, and your insurance company, are planning to use Nissan Genuine Parts.

Know your rights

How to read an estimate

Read An Estimate

You don’t need to be a collision repair expert to understand the terms and abbreviations listed in your repair estimate. All you need is our handy “How to Read an Estimate” guide.


Why nissan certified collision?

Meet the Experts

Because we have the right technicians, equipment, tools and knowledge to provide you with high quality and timely repairs using Nissan Genuine Parts.