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You can't overstate the importance of your braking system. That's why it's vital that your brakes be serviced regularly by our Nissan-certified technicians using Nissan Genuine Parts. Should you need replacement parts, your Nissan dealer has the right pads, rotors and more for your particular model – on the shelf and ready to go.

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How to tell if your brakes need service

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your brake warning light is on

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You hear squealing or grinding when you apply the brakes

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your vehicle pulls to one side or another when braking

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It takes a longer time to stop than normal

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Your brake pedal or steering wheel pulsates when you hit the brakes

Do you know the parts of your brakes?

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When braking, the brake pads create friction on the rotors which slows and stops your vehicle. Both pads and the rotor are essential to your braking system and will occasionally need replacing, pads usually more frequently than rotors.

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Our technicians have undergone rigorous training – they must meet stringent requirements to become Nissan-certified. You can rest assured that your brakes – in fact, your entire Nissan – are in the hands of the experts.