Collision Position Statement

Rogue Liftgate Service

To: Collision Repair Industry

position statement: Rogue Liftgate Service

The Rogue liftgate comes pre-finished in Silver Metallic (K23) with the liftgate glass fully installed. This means that if a shop is replacing a liftgate on an affected Rogue model that is any other colour than silver, the glass will need to be removed for proper repainting of the gate.

We ask all interested parties involved in collision repair to please be aware of this issue and treat appropriately if/when encountered.

Models Affected: This applies to model year 2014 forward- Rogue and Rogue HEV (T32U, T32D, T32J and T32HVU)

Models NOT Affected: S35 Rogue Classic and J11 Qashqai

Refer to the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) prior to any repair or replacement being performed. Information specific to each model may be found at

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